December 21, 2006

Test your musical skillz in 6 minutes! Can't carry a tune? Take the tonedeafness test and check your pitch perception ability. Can't dance? Take the rhythm test. (flash required)
  • I got 84 on the rhythm test, 75 on the tone test, and 42nd percentile on the pitch test. Which is probably why I didn't take music any further than middle school and community choirs.
  • And man, when you get down to .5hz on that pitch test, it is really hard to tell the difference.
  • I also got 75, I think someone with a little musical training could do a lot better.
  • I got 80.6 on the tone test. But only 68 on the rhythmn test. *looks down at two left feet*
  • It would be cool to have people do a before and after test, following some intensive musical training.
  • I don't see how I could score above average in the pitch test, yet be in the 28th percentile.
  • 75%, and that's as a trained professional musician with perfect pitch. The synthesized tones threw me off... for me (and most people, I suspect) pitch perception is wedded to timbre, and I found myself thrown off whenever some bizarrely-overtoned electronic bullshit was played.
  • MonkeyFilter: Bizarrely-overtoned electronic bullshit
  • The 28th percentile is above average. It's better than the top third.
  • Isn't that the 68th percentile?
  • No the 68th percentile would be a poor performance. Think of it as 1st 2nd 3rd... 15th... 28th... 53nd... 97th... etc.
  • 78.5 Percent. Don't have perfect pitch, but have relative pitch. Classically trained as a child (but haven't played in YEARS). I would totally have to second Beauchard. I call electronic bullshit. 10 yard penalty, flag on the play! Also, some of them were off by only ONE note. in a 10 second sequence, kinda hard to remember what exactly the first was, especially if it's discordant. Now, if they had used 10 second clips from well known songs, such as Christmas Carols, or the Beatles, then altered them slightly, it would be a much better litmus. It's amazing (to me) trying to explain to someone who hasn't been trained in music the difference between major and minor. A part time hobby of mine is to take chipper kid songs and sing them in minor (which is hard due to the ingrained knowledge of the melody) and see if people notice. Normally, people think there's something a little "off" with what I'm singing but they can't quite grasp it.
  • The 28th percentile is below average. It's "the percentage of people who scored less" than me, quoting the test. Which is the normal way percentiles or used in testing. And even this test designer was using percentiles reverse than the common way, then that would make my score on the other test make no sense. But I figured out how it could happen. There are some who took the test (the 1 percentile) who did sooo badly that they drastically lowered the average.
  • Bollocks! I've made an error. Mr. Knickerbocker you are completely right. 98th is high and 28th is something to hide. My only excuse, other than getting it wrong, is that it's.. ahh [hopefully] opposite day.
  • Mr. Knickerbocker you are completely right. Why, thank you! ...28th is something to hide Um, thank you?
  • Woo-hoo! 86.1% on tones, but I could imagine doing a lot worse had I not been concentrating with eyes tightly closed. Plus there were the crib notes.
  • Yes, but what about these two melodies: 1. dum de dum de diddly dee de dumsky 2. dum de dum de diddly dee doobie de dumsky SAME or DIFFERENT?
  • In my senior year at the music conservatory...I got 86.1 on tone and 76 on rhythm...I could discern intervals at 1.3...between the top two. I guess good?