November 30, 2006

Enter Stevie. The robber was holding a gun to 5-year-old Mary Long's head when a 3-foot-tall Mighty Morphin Power Ranger leapt into the room...
  • *cringe*
  • It's Morphin' time! Atta boy, Red Ranger!
  • I do hope that the family is not praising him for this behavior.
  • The downside of a four-year-old's obsession with superheroes. My kid is almost convinced he's Superman, and this sort of imagined invulnerability scares the crap out of me.
  • I heard a noise outside my window and looked out to see two guys trying to steal my radial arm saw. I put some tighty-whiteys on over my pants and ran out and yelled at them. They ran away too. it was awesome. too bad you weren't there.
  • Great story! (Yours too, speedsquare. ;-)
  • My father as a child was hanged by his own brothers after a discussion of hanging prompted by a newspaper article. His brothers told him to yell when he had had enough. This was not intended to produce a fatal result. Just an experiment, so to speak. My father, then about five or six, was perfectly agreeable. Until he discovered he couldn't breathe let alone say Stop. (Luckily an observant neighbour came running and cut him down.) When you are a kid, distinctions aren't always clearcut. There were Bad People in Stevie's house. He took what he understood to be appropriate action. Stevie is a determined, imaginative, and brave little boy. All qualities worthy of respect. And any one of which can make a parent tremble.
  • Well said, Bees. Now somebody needs to talk to the little beggar.
  • What do ye make of Stevie's people letting photos be taken and published of him in his supersuit? Not sure this was at all wise.
  • When I was a kid I used to have a batman suit. There are actually super-8 movies of this. I would leap off the caravan & walls, climb up the chimney pipe, etc. Later I invented a character called 'dog boy' (we had two large afghan hounds who treated me as a pal). I would tie a towel around my neck, and clad in only undies, would leap off tall walls & dive into deep pools with nary a thought for danger. I was convinced I was really that character. Too bad I didn't get injured... might have learned something. I never had brothers of the same age, so didn't get around to trying lynching.
  • I had both Spider Man and Wonder Woman Underroos (my parents were both really into non-gender specific kid stuff), and I used to jump off the furniture/trees/garage roof in them. I never really hurt myself, but I did black out my front teeth a couple of times. (Who knew teeth could bruise?) Oddly enough, I now have a fear of heights.
  • I have more respect for this kid than for anyone in Congress...
  • Yeah it just proves how much bush sucks!!! /spittle ;)
  • *checks for winky, is relieved*
  • Bees, I'm in agreement. Sometimes publicity on the net can be...too much publicity.
  • Bees, I'm in agreement. Sometimes publicity on the net can be...too much publicity.