November 30, 2006

Animal Terrorism Act Signed Into Law. Yes, the US Senate bill 3880 makes it illegal to commit "animal enterprise terror." Consistent with some interpretation, Animal Activist groups are now terrorist organizations. Demonstrations which cause animal-based businesses to lose profits are now terrorist acts. By the by, this bill passed with six votes, total. A tip o' the banana peel to the illustrious H-dogg for many of these a-hear links

Heh heh. You fuckin' hippies didn't see that one comin' did ya?! Haa! Right wing! WOOO! Yes! the term `animal enterprise' means-- `(A) a commercial or academic enterprise that uses or sells animals or animal products for profit, food or fiber production, agriculture, education, research, or testing; `(B) a zoo, aquarium, animal shelter, pet store, breeder, furrier, circus, or rodeo, or other lawful competitive animal event; or `(C) any fair or similar event intended to advance agricultural arts and sciences; Dennis Kucinich joined in abhorring violence, but noted that the bill infringed on civil liberties of people conducting civil disobedience or undercover investigations. Sensenbrenner invoked lack of opposition from the ACLU. Then the chair called for a voice vote, and Kucinich cast the only no vote. It was all over in 15 minutes. After the vote, I rode the elevator with Sensenbrenner and chief AETA sponsor Petri. I told them I was there to lobby against their bill. Sensenbrenner replied "don't blame me; I was just managing the bill for this guy," pointing to Petri, who smiled sheepishly. The whole thing was absolutely surreal. We played the game by their rules, we generated an overwhelming outpouring of opposition to the bill on short notice, and they kicked us in the face through underhanded maneuvers. Then they wonder why people lose faith in the system and take the law into their own hands. Today, Congress brought shame on itself by turning animal activists into "terrorists."