November 30, 2006

Senior Citizen: Social Security Scammer? Estranged from his father, a gay Brooklyn man came home yesterday to make peace, only to make a horrifying discovery: His mother had been hiding his dad's corpse in the family's apartment for three years [...] Sad testimonial of either greed, or how so many seniors are living below the poverty level.
  • Maybe both, but also of the isolation folks live in these days sometimes. Wouldn't like to think I could just die without anyone taking particular notice.
  • "There were odor issues in that apartment," ...
  • >>"Maybe she's sick," Clements said of Joanne Iversen. "That doesn't make her a bad person." Yeah, or maybe she knows we let old people freeze to death when they can't ante up for their gas bills. Does that make us bad people? Jesus, what a sad, awful story.
  • Yeah, but to keep him in the bed like that for so long? I wouldn't eat anything from her freezer, that's for sure.
  • This is God's way of punishing the fags.
  • A Rose for Emily, anyone? I'm wondering why they describe the son as "a gay Brooklyn man" in the very first sentence, and then don't explain how his homosexuality figures into the story until the third paragraph. Why not describe him as "a Brooklyn man" in the lead, and then bring his sexuality in at the point where it's actually relevant?
  • Good writing is so gay.
  • This is how God punishes gays. TUM, the paper wants to put the blame for this directly where it belongs. On teh Gay.
  • It's kind of hard to imagine the conversation, isn't it? - Mom? I need to see Pop. I want to make things right. - He's in the bedroom. - Jesus Christ! - Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: he's been a rotting corpse for the last few years. Maybe you can talk him out of it or something. - Mom, you gotta get the cops! - Why? What's he done?
  • Why? What's he done? HAAAA!! darling FTW!!
  • LOL