November 22, 2006

What if Stan Lee worked for Jack Chick? Excelsior!!!
  • Wow.
  • Hmm, fun, but it seems to be more Jack Chick working for Stan Lee. Where's that manic proselytizing coupled with a feeble grasp of reality that epitomizes Jack "I Don't Want to be Elfstar Anymore" Chick? My soul didn't seem the least bit in peril of being consigned to the fiery pits of Hell. (I know that's been linked here before, but it's such quintessential Chick-ness. Taste it again for the first time
  • I would like to see Galactus run for the leadership of the Democrats.
  • Jack Chick is awesome. Stan Lee is a peddler of hate-filled dogma and flimsy storylines. I used this tract as the basis for an invitation to my birthday party a couple of years back. Punk Rock! I really should show more respect.
  • Wow, they swear with #@%*'s in French, too?
  • Just got around to checking this out. Teh funny!
  • Yes!