November 15, 2006

New Island in Tonga as seen by satellite. Also seen at sea level by a passing yacht.

These are pseudo-true color images from NASA earth science sensors: also used for global biomass mapping, and things like that.

  • Is it too late to call dibs? Also -- I'm going to need to steal that boat and lifestyle. Sorry, folks. You've had a good run.
  • Sailing through a sea of stone--how beezaar!--other than the part about clogging the engine. I'm not sure it wouldn't give me the hee-bee jee-bees to be hanging around when Mother Nature gives birth. Although I call dibs on the new real estate.
  • I say we claim the island as the new country of Monkeytopia! Quick - everybody get on the next boat out there before someone else gets it. And bring some bananna trees! Who's with me?
  • Actually that lifestyle is surprisingly easy to attain, Captain. The Pacific is seemingly full of scruffy haoles who apparently do nothing but sail about from place to place. Usually they are retained to move a wealthy person's yacht to some other tropical paradise where the owner will arrive by plane some time in the future. This happens a lot. I think if I had had mad sailing skilz I would have done this a long time ago. Beats working.
  • Maybe I am dyslexic, but I first read haoles as aholes.