November 15, 2006

Wha... Hippies asking interesting questions? I googled "nunc fluens" (which is not yet on or because it is from... some... old... language... French?), and this led me to weirdness galore.

Thusly do I return to Ken Wilber (whose No Boundary I read long ago), who introduced me to the term which led me to Boethius Boethius. What is the Integral Institute, buncha hippy crap: or do subjects like transpersonal psychology have any meaning or use in this world? Does it amount to a heap of self-help crap, or is it a fields where I'll find real transcendent meaning in the mediated hypermodern culture? These questions were brought to you by the confluence of studying for my class in Melodrama in Asian Cinema and listening to sweet, merciful ambient music like Azure Ray.

  • Nunc fluens is Latin. It means 'the present proceeds' or 'passing now'.
  • Awesome FPP.
  • Nunc fluencs is Lat-- Goddamn it Chyren, why do you have to be better than me at everything!? -sob-
  • Because he isn't self-loathing.
  • Boethius is alright - the Consolations of Philosophy was one of the key works Alfred the Great translated into English (adding some bits of his own, as was his wont when translating), and it was hugely popular and influential in the Middle Ages. Not so sure about the other stuff.
  • i have a nunc. in my fluens.
  • "why do you have to be better than me at everything!?" I cheat.
  • I thought nunc fluens? meant "Where's Quid lately?"
  • Pleg, haven't you heard he left us for those bastards at Metafilter? I hate them all with the passion of ten thousand suns!
  • My mind, it is a drunken monkey! I get so distracted on the internet. Hey, the Boethius Wiki page links to A Confederacy of Dunces looks like a fun read. I tend to like a bit of fiction more than scholastic philosophy. Still, maybe I'll check Consolations of Philosophy from my library after I finish this crazy huge project on melodrama. Guh.
  • I.I. has contributions from Rick Rubin, my hero!