November 18, 2003

Two bloggers go on honeymoon in Bali. They take beautiful pictures of animals. (Okay, I really linked this for the monkeys.)
  • Those are awesome pictures! Thanks for posting that. I read Mighty Girl all the time and she did not mention the monkey pictures.
  • This one looks disturbingly human.
  • Monkey like banana.
  • Ah, that's more like it. Nice and quiet in here. Just the soft echo of two year old conversation. Loo loo! LOO Loo loo! loo loo... loo...
  • Mascot!
  • Oh, dear god.
  • Orgazmatang!
  • That is an unfeasibly large plush cock. I know I'm stating the bleeding obvious, but it justs rolls off the tongue (a perennial problem with unfeasibly large plush cocks).
  • hey that picture of me is totally unauthorized! Albeit very plush.
  • You're not fooling anybody, petebest. We all know you're the original model for the Furby. Now here is a work-safe unfeasibly large plush cock. And, to help you rinse out your minds, here's a monkey with an unfeasibly large plush head.
  • dang. foiled again. *flaps arms* *waddles away*
  • Yes, yes, by 2005 the cock jokes are well-established.
  • mmm plushy...
  • Wherein Wolof, aka Monkey *7, at 11:01PM UTC on November 18, 2003, almost casually utters the Fateful Words: "Monkey like banana.". First mention of banana? First instance of pidgin English? My admiration knows no bounds!
  • First hint of the coming obsession for phallic objects?
  • "coming" obsession? I would say I've got one of those. heehee!
  • heheh paging Dr. Freud, GramMa? ;)