November 01, 2006

Desert Eagle on Ebay "Bidding starts at 11,000,000 or roughly the hourly cost of the Iraq war according to the Congressional Budget Office report of July 13, 2006."
  • Looks like a nice gift for the President.
  • HA! Awesome. Bush wouldn't get the joke.
  • Hey, a political statement on Ebay, how keen. Too bad we can't have one hour's Iraq war funding diverted to support of teh (gay) Arts. Oooooh ooooh ooooh! Or better yet, in support of education. Or medical care. Or fuck, why not lottery tickets for all! Best of all would be a slush fund in the movement to impeach BushCo.
  • Q: is that an actual desert eagle?i would give you 500 dollars for the barrel,slide and magazine. Nov-01-06 A: This is a 52 in by 40 in painting of a Desert Eagle, highly detailed and realistic. The asking price can not be lowered for purposes of strategery; the opening bid has been set as the hourly cost of the Iraq War. *places a shill bid*
  • How vewwy Elmer Fudd.
  • MOrons everywhere. The fucking planet is doomed. I think I might as well fuck off to some tropical forest somewhere.
  • I can see Bruce Willis in the next Die Hard movie using this thing to shoot bad guys over his shoulder while being chased.
  • Nice to see you back, owl semen boy.
  • 'nock!!! how are ya baby?