November 01, 2006

PW Botha Gets the Gas Face.*
*In this case, "gets the gas face" is code for "has died".

Uncool people look here.

  • While my Buddhist/Taoist principles prevent me from actually celebrating the death of a person, I shan't be shedding a river of tears. (Not that I ever do when a famous person I have no personal connection to dies. The only time I genuinely felt sad was when the world lost Edward Said.)
  • *
  • 'Tis only a pity I cannot piss on his grave.
  • Oh if only I believed in a hell....
  • So long, ya racist cunt!
  • I saw Mr Mandela managed a characteristically gracious tribute for the man who kept him in jail so long. I suspect Botha wouldn't have managed the same if Mandela had predeceased him.
  • *wonders what Botha's Hell would be like* *doesn't have to wonder very long*
  • *is way too uncool to discern etymology of 'gas face' from jumble of words on linked page*
  • Ha!
  • Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  • Pop Goes the Weasel was one of my favorite songs of that era. I own Derelicts of Dialect and The Cactus Album. I listen to them about as often as I watch my videotaped episodes of Hardcastle & McCormick.
  • (see also) "Cool" people should know that's MF Doom on the last verse.