October 24, 2006

Tokyo Zombie! LA Zombie! Florence Zombie! Texas Zombie! Hawaii Zombie! Adelaide Zombie! Winnipeg Zombie! New York Zombie! Kitchener Zombie! At radio free #mofirc [listen!] we have a lot of zombies. What we need is some fresh blood and brains.... Mmmmm braaaains....

So why not have a go at DJing on radio free #mofirc? How hard is it to do? Well look at it this way - do you listen to tunes while on your computer? Then it's pretty much one or two easy steps to broadcast those tunes. Pop into The Mofirc or mail pmdboi at cwillmor (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll hook you up. "I was a net nobody until I started DJing on radio free #mofirc about 2 weeks ago. Now I'm considered a world authority on Brazilian Music*!!" - mandyman * this may have been made up by gomichild Go have a lookie at the schedule - there's a space waiting for you to fill right now!

  • Mmmmmm...delicious brains...
  • I plan to do my broadcasting at a decent, God-fearing hour, thank you very much.
  • 4 hours of you burping at breakfast? HI-think not! Liberal rubbish!
  • The PeteBest Defamation Hour is a hit so far ...
  • *checks main kink* After an all-nighter and 1.5 delicious hours of sleep, right now I feel just like a zombie. *drags feet out for coffee*
  • >link<, not kink. Oh well.
  • Holy crap, I love you munkies.
  • Marketing Challenge: the first Monkey to sell and insert .mp3 advertisements into their radio free #mofirc stream wins the Herb Tarlek Lifetime Achievement award.
  • btw, if you haven't listened to these, you're missing something.
  • what time zone is the google calendar using?
  • whatever you are set to I believe
  • The default view for the calendar is EDT, if you aren't logged on to a google account. DJing isn't hard, monkeys. I started doing it after the previous invitation. It's fun.
  • Are you listening now? Are you thinking "Sweet Chiba, I got way better music than that!"? Well then, pick up your platters and come on down, we'd love to have you! Uh, have you musically, not sexually... well, mostly.
  • strange, i could've sworn i'd posted something saying that wendell's session sounded like the soundtrack to my teenage years. anyway, thanks wendell!
  • layne is spinning some kewl choons now - then Alnedra has some interesting Chinese stuff for us! (even though really she should be in bed at this time.... naughty girl)
  • Verra fine stuff tonight! Is that hajen's collection we're treated to now? Ra-tha eclectic, if I may say.
  • Thanks! =) I'm using a CBC list of the "50 most influential tracks" from a program a couple years ago for tonight's set... that's why it's all over the place. I did a similar CBC list - "50 Tracks: The Canadian Version" - last night.
  • I just want to assure you all that we are playing something other than "Monster Mash" on repeat all day today. We prefer our scary to be more subtle. '80s hair metal, anyone? (I kid. I kid. Certified less than 10% hair metal. You better like Bon Jovi, tho.)
  • Please give a listen tomorrow between 12 and 2 Central Standard Time. I will be playing some MP3s on my computer, and hopefully they will travel through the internets and land in your computer(s). I'm new at this, so keep your fingers crossed and keep teasing to a minimum. Thanks!
  • Ha! Ha! /Nelson
  • Gogo koko!
  • you go gril!