October 23, 2006

Foley-Phile? Play along at home with the Mark Foley action figure! With kung-fu grip (on a bottle of hooch) and pants-falling fun!

Ruler not provided.

  • *denies any responsibility for this doll. Just found out about it recently*
  • * strongly implies that he told petebest 6 months ago about a possible doll program, but is fairly certain that that doll had its pants on. Maybe.
  • *blames democrats in that they knew about the doll and did nothing*
  • Is it made of cyberskin?
  • *Implies this FPP is calculatingly timed to draw lurkers away from own FPP. Irrationally argues that this is exactly what Nickdanger, or possibly some slick crooked sleazeballs in the liberal filter would do.*
  • Comes with a 12 "page" instruction manual.
  • *insists that I was drunk when I came up with the idea for the doll*
  • I just want to point out that the damn thing's currently bid at $315.01. God, why can't I have stupidly brilliant ideas like this?
  • 'Cause you're constantly driven to distraction by base passions for drink and sex. Shit, no wait, that's me. And, ah . . Congressman Foley . . so it would seem.
  • /Jots down idea for petebest doll ("with compulsive commenting action!") for marketing after inevitable scandal.
  • Collect Them All!
  • :)
  • he seems really hammered.
  • Why do you guys trot out all the fun stuff when I'm at work?