October 22, 2006

Pumpcompkin? Compumputer?

So purty!

  • Truly remarkable, but it seems about as important as the potato clock.. I always wonder what hungry people in Darfur would say about this sort of thing..
  • I wanna see that thing again in a month.
  • I prefer to make soup out of my pumpkins....
  • Well, I guess if we can have a potato clock, we can have a functioning one 'o these. Admit I would like to see such a hybrid in operation - but rather doubt it would hold up for a week, Lara.
  • Pumpkuter, I think. That takes into account its cuteness.
  • They have orange hides. And lots of seeds inside. Pumpkins are fruit. But only the squee-crazed Can find them cute.
  • but they ARE cute!
  • Well if you can successfully dry out any other gourd for a very long shelf-life or kalimba-life why can't you dry out a pumpkin to the point where you could give it a two year desk life? Seeing how it'll break by that point, anyways.
  • I don't see it as any more or less wasteful than just carving a traditional pumpkin and sticking a candle inside before placing it on the porch to slowly decompose... would be cool to plasticize the thing after it was finished though and keep it permanently.
  • The Great MacKintosh, Charlie Brown
  • Why didn't they use on of them there fome punkins?
  • Good question. Possible they wished to explore impermancy?
  • I undertstand that this is the busiest time of year for Roto-Rooter, due to people dumping pumpkin guts down their drains.
  • Seems wasteful to pitch 'em down a drain. Toasted pumpkin seeds for people. Or simply air-dry ones for small critters - wash the stringy mess off, then spread 'em on a cookie sheet. Or compost 'em.
  • How long until taxidermists get into the act of stuffing computer parts into a shell? Bleh.
  • I'd like to see a jellyfish computer.
  • I would love to be turned into something useful after I'm dead. It would make a nice change. But probably creep out my loved ones, so nevermind.
  • Think I would prefer being turned into something decorative: for instance, my bones into ornately carved zipper-pulls, my guts braided into bolo ties, etc. Why carry the obsessive work ethos of the US into the after-life?
  • My cats, much like the Targ in the recent Klingon pumpkin link, love to eat punkin guts. Maybe they should all be trucked to animal shelters.
  • Your cats?
  • Yes!
  • My flatmate's cat loved pumpkin soup. He was an orange tabby to begin with, but I think he ended up more orange after consuming several litres of leftovers one night.
  • I am such a sucker for orange tabbies. And I really think they hang around other orange things on purpose. I know mine does.
  • Anything but bolo ties, bees! What about piano strings?