October 21, 2006

Dying to Get Big: The nightmare world of bigorexia.


  • ok, I REALLY need to know what a "sex pack" is ;) hahahahahahahaaa! best typo EVAH!!!
  • A "sex pack" is the economy-sized NookieTM that you get from Costco. The quality's not great, but at least you get more of it.
  • Sex packets, a dollar or two. Just tell me how many for you. This time, this time.
  • nil, I have always thought that song was SO WEIRD....
  • Janet: I don't like a man with TOO many muscles. Frank N. Furter: I didn't MAKE him for YOU!
  • *resolves to pomp some irony*
  • Janet: I don't like a man with TOO many muscles. audience: Just one big one!!
  • They could have put a line break or two in that "quiz". I heard it in my head as someone yelling questions, one right after the other, without taking a breath. Sort of like a bad interrogation.
  • Bigorexia sounds exactly like a word invented by someone with a shortage of brain and an overabundance of muscle.
  • example? This guy actually managed to blow out his biceps.
  • ow ow ow ow! now my arm looks like the udder of a cow
  • Scene: A Gym Trainer: "Hey Jimmy get the mop! We've had a bicep blowout in the weight room!"
  • I like "tanorexia" to describe people who are way too tan and think that they need to be more tan.
  • I think that's called Melanin Dysmorphic Disorder.
  • This thread was useless without pics, but gomichild saved the day. Awesome!
  • "A little juice embiggens the smallest muscle".
  • Big words for a skinny pole.
  • Who's this Melanie, and why is she dissin' the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers?
  • Their first album, 1990’s Sex Packets, was named after a sketchy invention idea Schmoovy Schmoov (Earl Cook - early member) had for a hallucinogen that could induce orgasm. To promote the album, a fake newsletter was circulated to California medical clinics, for which the ‘sex packets’ even got notice in USA Today (the newsletter claimed that NASA was secretly developing them for astronauts, as relief on extended space stints). Huh. I did not know that Digital Underground was the beginning for Tupac Shakur. Oh, um, *flex*
  • More fun with BDD: dematillomania