October 21, 2006

Life's Greatest Inventions Of course, given that the article is six weeks old, it's possible that other great life-preserving inventions/discoveries have been made since, rendering this Top Ten list obsolete.

You know, like some kind of a fancy urinal or something. (Numbers 6 & 7, though, aren't likely to be replaced anytime soon.)

  • I haven't looked at this list yet but I already know what the best invention of the 20th cent was anyway: the birth control pill!! now I'll go see what this list has to say :)
  • oh, "life's" great inventions. pfft.
  • Hmm... yeah I kind of missed that point! Next time I should RMyOwnFAMoreCarefully. (sigh)
  • What? You posted this article without first reading it cover-to-cover? How dare!
  • Oh no, I read it through and through, but my brain (greatest invention #3) just isn't living up to its billing. Maybe I need to go drink urine or something. (Now there's a great invention!)
  • Urine credible!
  • 7. Superorgasm!!!!
  • I suppose I'm happy to be part of them all, or is that vice versa?
  • Bo-ring. What about the blender?
  • I'm sorry, you were saying something about orgasm?