October 20, 2006

The Dark Side of Tufty the Road Safety Squirrel. Because it's time to move ON, people! via
  • *shakes kit's furry paw*
  • What the hell is this? Some sort of "England" thing? One of those "satire" dealies? Hmm? Based on shame, is it? Embarrasment? Are real squirrels in England like this? They wouldn't last a day here in America, I tell you, NOT ONE DAY!
  • The grey squirrels are Yank squirrels which in fact have pushed the native red squirrels to the brink of extinction because the greys are overfed, overpaid, and over there. This Tufty business is odd, because I came to the UK in '78 & vaguely remember seeing some of this Tufty stuff. Maybe on East Anglia tv they were so cheap they still showed the clips, or I saw a book at a Church Fete jumble sale or some shit. ah, last century in England...
  • wasn't tufty succeeded by david prowse*, the body of darth vader, in the late 70s? i remember the green cross code man, but i've no recollection of tufty. *who apparently has a thick west country accent. ehh, the force be strong wi this 'un bill bailey's joke
  • Oh, I remember Green Cross Man. Yeah, he had a Somerset accent.
  • little squirrel in the street flat as a pancake but less neat and all because ye dashed into the fray as a truck was coming through
  • I have a Tufty badge in my possession, which i must have got when I was about four or five.
  • Wow.
  • The Revolution has begun. Which side are you on?