October 20, 2006

Libraries as pr0n for book-lovers. I imagine some of these libraries feature urinals... Ooh, yeah baby, show it to me, baby, show it all to me. You know what Daddy likes.
  • Wow. Beautiful. I just had the unpleasant experience of finding that my dog destroyed a library book. The guilt! The shame!
  • Those are indeed so lush pictures. C'mon, throw back your card catalogue and lick your barcode scanner!
  • Gorgeous. Puts our own Millennium Library to shame. *shields Neddy's eyes*
  • We built a new library three years ago or so, to replace our old Carnegie -- a project which was one of three celebrating Centennial Year. Just this week, the architect won an award for his use of wood in the building, ironically on the very same day that the outdoor cedar panelling was painted over rather than stained because the Town's infrastructure guy -- somebody who works in a basement in the arena -- decided that staining would be too expensive, because you have to do it more often. Gotta love small town.
  • Our library moved into an old department store building, and did millions of dollars' worth of cosmetic renovations. Now, they're so cash-strapped they can't afford to stay open on weekends anymore.
  • MonkeyFilter: The guilt! The shame!
  • The sun trapped inside this place is beautiful.
  • Which one contains the current hideout of The Paper?
  • *looks around furtively, sniffs bindings Mmmmmmmm, books!
  • -drools- Ohh. Yess.
  • great photos. the last one, the long library at trinity college dublin, bears a striking resemblance to the jedi archives. some details here