October 20, 2006

Point WC, l'escale bien-être (the well-being rest stop) Luxury public toilets. The main website (in French).

I wandered into this place at 26 Champs Elysees last week, after asking at FDR metro station where the nearest public toilet was. My general impressions: - expensive (1 euro, compared to 20-40 cents in most places) - very very clean - nicely decorated - a good place to visit when in need of a toilet From a description here (about halfway down the page) Each bathroom has a different theme: classic chic, ethnic, zen, high-tech, etc. This works well to display products by POINTWC's sponsor: the Roca-Laufen Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of sanitary ware and tiles.

  • Super. Je pisse par-là, ça fait chic.
  • Psst -- roryk -- sentcha an email...
  • okay, a few pointers: - what does the provision of "luxury public toilets" say about humankind in these, the mid-twenty-noughties? are there two publics whose excretions cannot mix? - is this form of marketing (termed brand spaces in the final link) a good idea? what are the potential benefits and costs involved? - how much would you pay for a luxury public toilet? - is roryk just jumping on the pisser bandwagon, or did he really think that this might be worth a front page post after visiting the luxury public toilet?
  • Don't worry, roryk. This post's golden.
  • I piss on your elitest toilets!
  • Gardyloo!
  • > Don't worry, roryk. This post's golden. but too good for this shower.