October 20, 2006

Urina Hurry? No pot to piss in? Use a portable urinal. Could be useful in Turkmenistan.
  • inside the bag is a special set of crystals so when the urine touches it it turns it into a leakproof, odourless, spill proof gel which is stored inside the bag.Cool- tubular diapers! Watch the Demonstration Video Umm, maybe later.
  • But, unlike plastic water bottles, these won't explode when you throw them at the band..?
  • the demonstration video is extremely disappointing.
  • More at the official site This is der wunderbar! I'll show that overcaffienated bladder who's boss! My project presentations will never end! Who's mad now?! HAhahAHaahahaaaaaa!! *thunder, etc.*
  • Question : How long does it take to absorb the urine? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer : Depending on the temperature and volume of urine, it takes only 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Anyone with children wearing disposable diapers will appreciate the crystals that turn into squishy gel... And what a bitch they are to clean up if you've ever had one explode!
  • Foldable Travel Commode! Mobile Lavatory System!! These people are frickin' geniuseses.
  • Pfft! Kids?! They can buy their own! *hoards*
  • Urinator and Pee Valves. Surely this could be adapted for some on-the-go action?
  • This sounds really good, esp for little kids.