October 20, 2006

Indonesian Urinal etiquette in case you find yourself in a rut. Don't know why, but the urinals of Jakarta often have massive ice chunks in the bowl
  • there‚Äôs actually far more that unites men of different cultures and nationalities than separates them when it comes to taking a piss. That's fucking beautiful. I LIKE URINALS
  • There. Now I owe you NOTHING! NOTHING I TELL YOU, NOTHING!!!!
  • I think the ice chunks are to keep the smell down?
  • The ice chunks are for snow cones. No, really.
  • a friend relates that while he was using a urinal at a disco bar in thailand, a bathroom attendant began massaging his kidneys unbidden. friend was not too happy with this and requested that bathroom attendant stop.
  • yes I like to be in a stall by myself because I like to do it all by myself never mind my kidneys they're not second-rate in fact I hardly know they're there when I have to micturate so keep your hands to yourself don't get chummy with me I much prefer to be alone while using this facility
  • Nice one, bees! Who'd have thought there was such fodder for pee-etry? When Indonesians Get enuresis They like to push The knob to flush Possibly it's To wash their bits
  • Goodness roryk! The only difficulty I encountered in bathrooms throughout SE Asia was having to have extra cash on hand to pay for the services. I recall a bathroom in a remote area of Bali - it was free to use, yes of course, but if you wanted tissue or running water, you had to pay. Bees and TUM, I salute you.