October 20, 2006

The Sloan Flushometer Urinals wouldn't be what they are today were it not for the innovation of William Elvis Sloan (1867-1961), inventer of the Sloan Valve Company Royal Flushometer. This amazing feat of urinal engineering prevents the need to use unsightly toilet tanks and delivers a precise and reliable amount of water every flush. Every time you flush a urinal think highly of Sloan! Uh, not that one.
  • Flings poo and runs indeed; this is all your fault, Monkeyflinger!
  • OK, I like a good toilet as much as the next guy, but WHAT THE HELL, PEOPLE? Did I miss the fucking memo here? sheesh...
  • Ya, I've been enjoying today! /dodges poo, thinks of Sloan, runs.
  • As I stand in the bog, alone, I thank the clever Mr. Sloan. He made a valve one sunny day, That carries all my pee away.
  • Guys, this is no way to make up for failing to properly observe Urine Day last June.
  • Maitre D': You're Abe Froman? Ferris: That's right, I'm Abe Froman. Maitre D': The Sausage King of Chicago? Ferris: [caught off-guard] ... Uh yeah, that's me. Maitre D': Look, I'm very busy. Why don't you take the kids and go back to the clubhouse? Ferris: Are you suggesting that I'm not who I say I am? Maitre D': I'm suggesting that you leave before I have to get snooty. Ferris: Snooty? Maitre D': Snotty. Ferris: Snotty?
  • I go away for just 2 days, 2 days! And when I get back, what do I find? Monkeyfilter has gone down the toilet. wakka wakka wakka okay so it's not very funny or original
  • You're just (wait, this is going to be funny) TAKING THE PISS!!!