October 20, 2006

Sure, you know about urinals, but do you know how to use them?

Monkeyfilter, soon to get more hits for the word "urinal" than any other site on the internet...

  • YSF
  • SO, we'll go no more a-tinkling So late into the night, Though my bladder's full from drinking And the loo is gleaming white For the bowl outwears the tank, And the flush wears out the cake, And the lager that I drank, Could make me fill a lake. Though the night was made for drinking, And the day returns too soon, Yet we'll go no more a-tinkling In the public powder room.
  • TUM's song is the only good thing that will come from this *shakes head
  • Are you guys just taking the piss with all these links?
  • I gotta disagree with the 'Kind of Tricky' question, where there's only one occupied urinal (no. 6). Test says to go to No. 1 (heh), which implicitly says that "I don't want anyone next to me". Just as equally, it says "I'm afraid of anyone seeing my pee-pee." Therefore, the real correct answer is No. 2, which takes away pee-pee peepage paranoia, while still maintaining a large privacy zone.