October 20, 2006

Public toilets of Australia Also contains urinals.
  • Yes, but does it contain urinals? Oh.
  • Whizzing Matilda, whizzing Matilda, You'll come a-whizzing, Matilda with me, And he sang as he stood and tinkled on the porcelain: You'll come a whizzing Matilda, let's pee!
  • I'm mildly concerned that Australia has a National Continence Management Strategy. Is incontinence a particularly Australian problem?
  • Only for people like Wolof. You know the type.
  • Google results by domain for 'incontinence:' gc.ca 2,210 (Canadian government sites) gov.au 6,460 (Australian) .gov 396,000 (USA) gov.uk 6,200 (UK) Hmm.
  • Ozzie toilets are so much cooler than Ussie toilets. They have two handles! Big flush and little flush.
  • *pisses on dj's leg*
  • oh, the toilets of Australia are few and far between and the roos and rabbits form long lines so the countryside stays clean
  • A drop bear once peed on my head.