September 28, 2006

Free Ice Cream at any Cold Stone Creamery tonight from 5-8. I'm not generally a Cold Stone Creamery fan. They strike me as sort of the Starbucks of the ice cream world. I mean, what is it now $12 for a single scoop? But hey, free ice cream, dude.
  • Just don't tip them, or else they'll launch into that horrible culty chant. /shudder
  • Full story: It's not free unless you're a prick and just take the ice cream without donating to make-a-wish. And they're only giving out choc ice cream with cake, choc chips, and sprinkles mixed in. I wish they'd just donate a % of tonight's profits instead, so people could just get what they want and they wouldn't have any freeloaders. I'd definitely go get a man-go-bananas shake tonight if that were the case.
  • Hey is this at all cold stone`s.theres one right down the street from me in maryland.
  • Oh wait you did say `any` duh.
  • I was going to be all 'ooh, free, down the road a bit' but cake mixed in makes this ewww. Damn sick kids have no taste for proper mix-ins.
  • Now you tell me. *shrugs Took the kiddlets to TCBY anyway.