September 28, 2006

Billy Bragg's current fav video. More YouTubey goodness.

Bill's quite pleased that YouTube now has more viewers than MTV. With content like this, no wonder.

  • is this an ad that's taken an existing video to hawk mobile phones? i'm sure i've seen the flying cat as a compilation video but without the phone bit.
  • A staged commercial as noticed at MeFi, but always good for a laugh.
  • Here is Snopes take on the issue....
  • I was at that show last night too! His rambling on about youtube all night was brilliant!
  • Sunday night for me, actually. Guess he's reworking old material. As am I, apparently.
  • Welcome to YouTubeFilter.
  • Oh, come on, drivingmenuts. Everyone knows YouTubeFilter is blue. Oddly enough, so is PoliticalFilter, ScreamingJerkFightFilter, and PissingElephantGifFilter. Go figure.
  • Go MonkeyFigure.
  • This is where I bloody well sulk because I missed Billy in Toronto on Sunday, right? *sulks*
  • *also sulks, despite being nowhere near toronto*
  • I'll be honest, I don't quite understand all the fanfare for Billy Bragg.
  • not a troll, no response necessary, just weighing in.
  • Eep! Shit! *runs*
  • OUT!!! *points to thread exit*
  • *misses door completely, makes Fes-shaped outline going though nearby wall*
  • I'd never heard of 'im until this thread. Heh.
  • > I don't quite understand all the fanfare for Billy Bragg. he writes good, witty lyrics and enjoyable tunes. in concert, he's genuinely entertaining - engages with the audience, takes the piss out of himself, that sort of thing. he's stuck to his principles for 20+ years in the music business (quite an achievement). it's possible for everyone to sing along to his songs because his own singing is not, shall we say, overly polished. he's a "have a go" sort of hero, in the fine tradition of british amateurism. *goes off to look for the billy bragg fan fiction site*
  • Here ya go, roryk. Still creepy as ever. Says on this blog that for the Montreal show, as an encore, he played the whole of "Life's a Riot". The entire album. The audience had to help him with the song order -- he forgot "Richard". That must have been AWESOME.
  • I was at the show. great small venue, intimate. i was somewhat worried that, since he was touring his box set from the second half of his career that the show would exclude all the earlier stuff (which I prefer). but no, it was a good mix. a few new songs that sounded better, to me, than anything I've heard from him in years. I think I have seen him 5 times now and that show was the best. especially with the awesome second encore.
  • Bill Bailey and Billy Bragg sing The Unisex Chip Shop. Original Bill Bailey version here. Both YouTube links. In the first one, some guy introduces Billy Bragg to the crowd in a tent at the Glastonbury festival (I think). Billy Bragg welcomes Bill Bailey on stage, and together they sing Unisex Chip Shop. In the second, Bill Bailey sings the same song but all by himself.
  • Meh, the first link goes on too long. The second link starts at the word "here".