September 08, 2006

Go on da Dan! "Dan Clancy" (QT) is Pat Shortt, Killinaskully's resident know it all. Pat Shortt is one of Ireland's most famous comedians, but sadly most of you have probably never heard of him. He scored a big hit with his song "Jumbo Breakfast Roll" (mp3); an ode to Ireland's favorite breakfast treat, (note: if eaten; it will most likey kill you). On Killinaskully Pat is cast as most of the characters of this fictional Tipperary village. Here are some more clips for your amusement. Happy Friday.
  • A Breakfast Roll usually consists of a bread roll containing 2 sausages, 2 rashers, 1 or 2 fried eggs, white and/or black pudding, in some cases a hash brown, butter and usually ketchup but brown sauce can be included although a lot more rare. The roll itself is usually one of two varieties: a soft "submarine" type roll, or a Demi-Bageutte. A cardiac arrest in a bun!
  • I used to work in a building with a cafeteria that served the "breakfast special." Croissant, cut open, buttered and fried, scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage patty. *drool*
  • Tis grand tuck, like!
  • Wha stole my black pudding?!
  • some monkeys might remember pat shortt from the father ted series as tom, the guy with the "i shot j.r." t-shirt who robs the post office.
  • pedantic quibble: killina as a prefix makes me think of coill na (the forest/wood of) rather than ceann (head), but killinaskully is supposed to be an anglicization of ceann scaoilte (split head). i would've gone for something like kinskully or kanskully, i think.
  • Yeah he was great on father Ted. I love the Bunny episode. Killinascully was not intended to be "split head" in Irish but rather an amalgamtion of the two villages they shoot the series in, Killoscully and Ballinahinch. (I at least remember reading that somewhere)