August 28, 2006

Yale Shmale. Lakehead University is using Bush as a negative example in their new ad campaign.

When asked for comment by the CBC, Yale officials apparently asked "Who's Lakehead?"

  • From the article: Acknowledging that the campaign has already been panned by some older people as well as members of Lakehead's staff and faculty, Gilbert said critics who think it's "disparaging two institutions — Yale and the President" — are missing the point. No, I think they get it, they just don't agree. Personally, I think any opportunity to tear down elitist institutions such as ivy league schools should be taken. However, making fun of the president is about as safe a joke as you can make now. It would be more interesting if a college were to have a sologan like, "More than just rich white kids" or something similar.
  • Oh...I thought you said shemale.
  • Heh, ditto.
  • ... using Bush as a negative example ... Well, I suppose they could hardly use him as a positive one. Why they have to use him at all is another matter, though.
  • I don't think anybody chooses to go to Lakehead.
  • In Canada, Lakehead chooses YOU!
  • Welcome back, r88!
  • Where the Shemales at? Alls I see is Bush! Ahhh haa! Wakka wakka!!
  • I'm amused at the idea of a non-top Canadian university using Yale and Bush as an ad. It's not like students who could go to Yale are going to go to Lakehead instead... North Bay is certainly a pretty place, but as rocket said, it's not exactly a first-choice destination for most Canadian students.
  • Lakehead is actually in Thunder Bay (which is not that pretty). In my experience going to Lakehead gives you many crucial skills in life, like how to drink enormous quantities of beer.
  • The wilderness around Thunder Bay is some of the most beautiful in the world. The city leaves a great deal to be desired. But I thought everyone knew Lakehead was better than Yale.
  • jb, would you happen to have any recommendations on the hiking trails? My grandfather's step-aunts live around Thunder Bay, but I didn't do any hiking really when I visited them, just went to the waterfalls one day.
  • I've known several people who did a year at Lakehead (all because their Engineering school gives massive credit for community college courses), but transferred out because they were becoming alcoholics.
  • Isn't it a virtually tongue-in-cheek way of getting attention? Cause, you know, there's no one's tongue in anyone's cheeks, and it's not actually a real campaign - it's all in cyberspace, in virtual reality. I'm guessing the vice-chancellor is not from the English department. Vote for me!
  • When something is called a "literally this and that," what the speaker means is it's not literal in the literal sense, but literal in the hyperbolic sense. And we all know how people who like to exaggerate love the hyperbola.
  • The president of Lakeland's student union called the campaign 'repugnant'. But what can that signify when attention is what your university is after, eh? The university has defended its campaign, which also includes prizes of a car and handheld computer game consoles, saying it has a positive effect. The Lakeland Policy: First get their attention, then bribe them to enroll.
  • spede - I'm sorry, I only went through on the bus to Winnipeg. But it is a stunning landscape, all of the area around Lake Superior. You might be able to get to that big island out in the lake, if there is a ferry.
  • It was literally a tongue-in-cheek way of getting attention. Since it was Lakehead, it was a littoral way of getting attention. *puts massive thesaurus back on shelf*
  • I literally laughed out loud at petebests comment. No, not literally, as in I'm writing it now. More like I really did LOL. Really. (ah crap. I'm gettin nowhere.)
  • So, LLOL?
  • ) -- StoryBored is getting pun-chy!
  • Another Bush-basher, now an equal-opportunity basher.
  • But Clinton was widely acknowledged to be a voracious reader. That "counter-ad" just pisses me the fuck off. Damnable Canooks or whatever! Mock the POTUS appropriately or not at all! *slams door*