August 28, 2006

Animusic Rocks. My dull monday morning has been brightened up by the fun musical 3d animations of the Animusic company which specializes in 3D Computer Graphic music animation. And thanks to Youtube you can check out how awesome this stuff is.

Future Retro
Stick Figures
Aqua Harp
Drum Machine
Pipe Dream
Acoustic Curves
Harmonic Voltage
Starship Groove
Pogo Sticks
Resonant Chamber
Cathedral Pictures
Pipe Dream 2
Fiber Bundles
Gyro Drums
Heavy Light
If you only watch one (or two) make it one of the Pipe Dream videos. Now help me justify to my wife why I need to buy these DVDs...

  • If you have kids, it's easy to justify the purchase of these DVDs - they love to watch this stuff. The first time I caught Animusic on PBS, I did a serious double-take. Great stuff, enjoyed by any age group. PBS featured this on a recent fund-raising special in NYC; they had behind-the-scenes and interviews with the guy who started it all (his name escapse me now). Wouldn't mind a copy myself... *curses corporate firewall*
  • Thanks for the links! I first watched some of these videos when Animusic 1 came out, what, 5 years ago? I had only seen 4 of the videos though, until now! You have made my day and part of tomorrow! (I agree that pipe dream is the best)
  • Wow. I also had seen this some time ago (on one of those 'Best of Computer Aniamation' compilation tapes) but did't know they were so prolific. Youtube is surely bringing up from the depths a lot of very interesting stuff; if only their video compression wasn't so severe...
  • Pipe Dreams: needs more cowbell.
  • I like Aqua Harp.