August 25, 2006

T.O. lab to test DNA of Mystery Dog. Scientists are confused, as the beast that's been terrorizing Maine looks nothing like Cujo.
  • Oops! Second link with Creep-O-Vision picture here.
  • I'm in this area now (back to college tomorrow) and interestingly enough one of the names I've heard in reference to the dog-thing is "Chupacabra," however it's spelled. Folks seem to think were Mexican now.
  • I was gonna say chupacabras, but ladyknight beat me to it. Instead, I will say Guinea Hound.
  • Honestly, I like my legendary mysterious terror beasts to be a little more fearsome than this. I mean, it's tantamount to a friggin LABRADOR, people. An ugly one, but jeez louise. I'd hate to see the pants-shitting that would go on if a bobcat or something got loose up there.
  • Funny you should say bobcat Fes, we get those fairly often, don't cause much of a stir. We just keep small children and pets inside.
  • lady, once they're born you have to let 'em go . . Hey! Okay, everybody having a good time tonight??
  • So ok, ladyknight, why then does a feral dog make the news? I'd rather go up against a half dozen feral dogs than tangle with a bobcat. Feral dogs, you clunk their heads together like Moe does to Curly and Larry and you move on. A bobcat will eat. your. ass.
  • Fes, 'round here, bobcats are pretty spooky--they don't hang around much. Maybe it's the combination of not seeing people that often and the fact they're hunted for pelt. I understand in California, they're a pest. YMMV My vote is something mangy and inbred--a mangy, inbred chupacabra, perhaps?
  • This is simply ... a Poopsidaisical article, and has nothing but K-ninny-ty in common with Cujones.