August 25, 2006

That only makes eleven (plus one mislaid) and not fourteen, unless wizards count differently to other people. But now please get on with the tale. Recently (sometime between May and July depending on who you ask) people started receiving spam messages that slipped by filters by containing random bits of prose from the works of JRR Tolkien. Dubbed "hobbit spam," these emails contained nothing else- no links, no images, no advertisements of any kind.

Two possible theories have been put forward to explain the spammer's motivation. It could be an attempt to find active email addresses by circumventing the spam filters- the spammer would then send actual ads to these addresses (link to unsourced radionews site/blog). Or it's an inept script kiddie who doesn't know how to use his spam suite- this theory is supported by messages which came later and contained the hobbit text overlaid with image files (link to unsourced wikipedia snippet). I've never received hobbit spam, but I did get one this morning with a good-sized chunk of Growing Pains (full text) by Henry Handel Richardson, a book which is so famous it is listed on neither amazon nor the author's wikipedia page.

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  • See also article and discussion at slashdot about this phenomenon.
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  • *stuffs tear-stained check into an envelope*
  • I think I've received some L.M. Montgomery spam - I just need to go find the book in question and check, but what other text would have someone named Pat talking about "Silver Bush"? Oh dear. I don't actually want to know. Clearly it's about a lovely PEI farm.