August 18, 2006

Taking your service monkey to the airport. The TSA screeners are trained professionals. They know how to handle your monkey. Stand by for the diaper inspection.
  • TSOs will conduct a visual inspection on the monkey and will coach the handler on how to hold the monkey during the visual inspection. "Oh yesssss, that's nice. Now lift its leg right therOooooo That's good. Now, as a matter of Homeland Security, I'm going to need you to remove that diaper, sir. Lovely, simply breathtaking.....Ok, you're free to fly now, thank you for choosing Delta, and hey, call me?"
  • Delta: Don't Even Leave The Airport Touch my monkey. Love my monkey.
  • Lieben meine Affe-monkey!
  • That all sounds so complicated. Who is going to be responsible if Atlas gets a bit feisty? I'd check him in the hold, but when he's lonely, he tends to make a bit of a rumpus. Last time, people complained.
    Without him, how am I meant to cross the street in LA?
  • Do service monkeys really exist? I moseyed over to Google Images and found nothing.
  • The TSA procedures would make a fine addition to the official MoFi New User page.
  • Since monkeys may likely draw attention, the handler will be escorted to the physical inspection area where a table is available for the monkey to sit on. Is a chair too much to ask for? How about some low-hanging vines?
  • Take that diaper off at your own risk. There might be a poo bomb in there!
  • The inspection process may require that the handler take off the monkey’s diaper as part of the visual inspection. So this would actually have to be a suicide attack too.
  • Pray for Mojo.
  • I guess it hast to be done. MonkeyFilter: Touch my monkey. Love my monkey.
  • GramMa, you make many of my comments into taglines, and for that I thank you. *smooch*