August 11, 2006

GIGANTOR! Cartoonist Mitsuteru Yokoyama, Gigantor's creator, died two years ago.

Only 52 episodes of the original, brilliant series were made. It wasn't even on long enough to jump the shark. It does have a veeeery cool theme song though. Currently being shown on Sci Fi either, depending on your perspective, too late or too early at oh dark thirty. Word of warning, not to be confused with Frankenstein Jr., this band, or this veeeeery scary place.

  • I'm for it. I don't remember the series at all, but anything featuring giant awkward looking robots gets a pass in my book.
  • More Gigantor info(take a lil' while to load)
  • (hums) About the only previous exposure I have to Gigantor is the theme music (via Adult Swim). Very cool indeed. It's as if someone wrote a song about a giant robot with the smashing and the MBBLEHEHEY and it came out sounding like a detergent jingle.
  • Oh man, i watched Gigantor when i was a kid. My first robot!
  • There's a Tetsujin 20 movie out at the moment. jb and I went to see it with some friends at the film festival here. I'm sorry to say that it was, well, woefull. I actually fell asleep during a giant robot battle. It was a real pitty, because a lot of the production people who worked on the movie were clearly very good. The cast was uniformly good, the fight scenes really made you feel like there were very huge machines slugging it out (although they were oddly rendered so as to make them appear like cartoons inserted in a very real world), it's just that the script was terrible. We did, however, learn that MIT researchers have neatly pressed uniforms. Oddly, I never noticed this while I was visiting.
  • 28! Tetsujin 28! sorry