August 10, 2006

Urban Exploration I find sites that document the changing nature of America's greatest city to be fascinating xercises in remembrance.

Baltimore and Minneapolis have their sites too.

  • Urban Exploration Resource. Just found it on Meta
  • Something of a double.
  • Might be interested in the numerous previous threads on this topic?
  • oh the humanity
  • Dammit, I searched before I posted this. I've noticed that sometimes you have to try two or three or four different terms and even then you don't find the previous threads. Oh well, I don't think that the New York sites were covered in the previous posts. The Lost NYC site is very cool, for whatever it's worth.
  • The links themselves aren't doubles, are they? Just the concept.
  • His second post to himself is a double. The rest are fresh, new, eciting links about a topic that has been discussed in four different threads here. Three this year. But what the heck, we do the same thing with Lebanon.
  • I liked the Forgotten NY site, if it's a double it's been a long time. Perhaps we just need a moratorium on the term "urban exploration"? I also submit "urban spelunking".
  • I'll spelunk you in a minute. Yeah, Ralph, I'll keep it up. There are also a few hundred monkey- and ape-related posts every year. :P
  • Not to mention Turkmenbashi threads, squee mish threads, all hail-the-Werzog threads, Bush-bashing threads out the wazoo, etc etc Still, ye could award him a quarter-Eek, I suppose. But to what purpose? Other than sheer silliness. Which is its own reward.