August 09, 2006

Picture Postcards. For most art exibitions there is inevitably the picture postcard with a defining piece on it. Have fun browsing this massive archive of them. NSFW.

And just to waste even more of your time, that was 2006. Here's 2005, 2004, 2003, and 2002.

  • Dagnabit, I meant to also include a NSFW badge thanks to those artsy hippies and their tendency to shed various amounts of clothing.
  • Always wanted to say this, and now I will: hygenial! Thanks for the hugely interesting site!
  • An astounding collection. Thanks genial!
  • Enjoyed my trawl through them.
  • Ooh, Michel Auder's "The World Out of my Hands" is very nice. I quite enjoyed that last one, too.