August 09, 2006

Google Goggles This site uses maps from Google Earth and allows you to fly an animated plan around some major cities of the world using the arrow keys. You can even bomb these cities using the spacebar!
  • huh huh huh....yeah, that's fun. Thanks.
  • Animated plan! WOOOHOOOOOO!
  • Yer all a buncha terriorists
  • When we were in Scotland, the cabbies would talk about all the "terrorists" that came through. Later, we discovered that the word they meant was "tourists," although it sounded like "terrorists" to our Merkin ears. Same difference.
  • Same difference indeed.
  • Ooh. That explains so much... it's not the 'War on Terror(ism)", but the 'War on Tourism"! Well, they're winning it.
  • this is wicked! i crash landed on my terrace and bombed a bunch of places where i used to live.
  • I did my part for the War on Tourism by straffing a bunchathem at the Met. On to Battery Park!
  • this is fun, and if you get lost try combining it w/ google maps! next up, see if I can make it from NY to Dublin before I go home!
  • still not there yet. at least there haven't been any snakes.