August 08, 2006

He was almost the first... .....but he got beat out..... this guy. It was a contest set up by this guy. M.M.O.D.

  • By 1870 he was managing a cheese factory in Peru, New York. They still make some delicious cheese in Peru. Fascinating stories, Berek!
  • Hey, this is fun of an offbeat and devious sort! A blend of exploration and a mystery, really. With Berek as author-cum-guide pointing to signposts along the road the reader takes. ))), not only a cleverly tantalizing presentation but a most entertaining read!!!
  • Berek, how about you put some descriptive content in the wording of your FPPs? Then when/if people search on relevant terms, they can actually find them, cutting down on potential double posts. It will also encourage more people to bother to look at your stuff - personally I find this oh-so tantalising mystery wording shit is the kind of thing I get enough of in spam emails.
  • Are the first two links the same man? The second seems to be a railway director who died in Montreal, not in an American prison.
  • So Quid, didja like the post or not? interesting, if puzzling read
  • I liked it; it made a refreshing change from the usual. Mind ye, wouldn't like to see all threads done in this vein, but I do think a bit of variety is pleasant now and again. And anyway, we'll never get to Mars let alone out of the solar system if the engineering staff isn't allowed to play with the dilithium crystals from time to time.