August 05, 2006

That's an odd..........toy. As I wandered the WWW I found something that I think all of us monkey should have. This is nice. And this.

Would someone please buy me this? Their really all cute. It's amazing that I went and looked at these and when I went back to check the URLS, the Jews were sold out. I found all of these to be quite funny. Never underestimate the power of the TOY.

  • The Jews have sold out? Theres a surprise.
  • Thanks, Darshon - next Christmas sorted already!
  • Hezbollah is trying voodoo now?
  • you sick fucks
  • Marie Antoinette with the Ejector Head! HAHHAHAHAHAH! Oh, wait that's not funny.
  • SB: Why not? My kids used to walk around the house with a plastic doll and take the head off. They would chant when they did it: Mama had a baby and her head popped off I'm not sure what the referent of "her" was. *shudders to think about it.
  • I love, and if you liked the Krypt Kiddies, you'll love the Living Dead Dolls. Some of them glow in the dark!
  • SB: Why not? My first reaction on seeing that was hilarity. It's great! Then I felt guilty for laughing because hey that was Marie Antoinette, she was a living person...ah, what the heck. *Fires Marie Antoinette's head at BlueHorse*
  • Remember Wednesday Addams's Marie Antoinette doll?
  • *bops MA head at SB, misses, hits TUM over left ear, starts eating all the cake
  • Did anyone else see the WWW as World War I?
  • i did.
  • Ditto.
  • Heh. Yes. I was surfing World War l in search of all it had to offer. Yep.