July 27, 2006

Deadlast in WWI Was he?

There's some debate part of the Monkeyfilter Mode of Death series

  • This link: Deadlast in WWI and this link: Was he Are the exact same threads! I CALL FARK SIR! *slaps Berek in face with white glove* *crosses line in sand* *bites thumb* *does that fingers off the chin thing Italian people do* *throws gauntlet down*
  • *picks up gauntlet to see if it was the good dinner gauntlet we're not supposed to use, realizes mistake, puts it back down hoping no-one noticed*
  • My late grandad lost his leg in WW1 ... his horse was shot from beneath him. Allegedly this was 5 days after the armstice ... but he's not around to check this fact with as he'd be 106!
  • I thought if you made it to 100 you got to start over.
  • Bonus Link WARNING: Site design may cause epileptic seizures
  • Berek loses monkeyfilter.
  • Can we have just the opposite, please?
  • Please?
  • Next post in the modes of life series, please.
  • Well, in his defense, the font is different! Dammit, Berek, get your feces in a pile! Next time GramMa's going to throw you to the wolves.
  • Okay, those two threads start the same but if you auctully read down through them they are different!
  • OK, which one of you guys put meth in Berek's saltpetre?
  • Is Berek trying to get banned? I don't get it.
  • I was reminded tonight that If I haven't anything good to say, then I just should not say anything. So, regarding B trying to get banned....I have nothing to say. Nothing. Not a word from me. Nope.
  • Berek, those two threads aren't different. Even when you auctully read down through them.
  • Oh give old man Berek a break - he's doing the best he can, what with all you tattooed lowlifes who should never be allowed to have children jumping all around him like so many maniacal baboons. Now get the hell off my lawn.
  • And get a haircut! And turn that music down! And get a job!
  • And besides, I gave you all a bonus linkage, doesn't that make up for any thread posting error?
  • I don't know.