July 27, 2006

The Day the Cow Sneezed

... And more of the krazy illustrations of Jim Flora.

  • Mos def cool. Sorry I can't use real words.
  • excellent cheers
  • Yeah, I heard the cow was doing, like, loads of ching in those days, thus the nasal irritation...
  • That's one powerful cow.
  • Wow, Quid! What an awesome find. Old books are teh kewl. I particularly love the long-leggedy crocodile.
  • This is neat.
  • Dood. AWESOME.
  • nice one. i like the mix of mockups and final pages. *ah, the bygone days of cutting out little blocks of text and gluing them to the page*
  • Meh, the story doesn't do much for me, but those classic jazz album covers are really, really hep.
  • positively awesome!! LBB :D
  • Off-topic: did anyone notice that today is tracicle's birthday? Shouldn't an old-timer do an fpp?
  • Lovely! I like the scared rhino, poking himself in the back.
  • Love the link old bean, you've done it again!