July 27, 2006

Curious George! I have a two-part question: if anyone here is allergic to cats, have you ever handled a Devon Rex? What was your experience with it?

Part two: Is there any place near Los Angeles that sells these cats? Chimaera loves kitties, but he's very allergic. We've been discussing getting a Devon Rex, due to their supposed hypoallergenic properties, but we can't seem to find one locally that he can handle to see if it'll trigger his allergies. Thanks, guys.

  • Apparently, it's a bit of a hit and miss on the allergy front. Would it be possible to call up the local SPCA and check if they have any Devon Rex cats? Archicats is a hobby cattery (I think) based in Orange County. Maybe you can contact them to see if they can arrange for you to handle some cats?
  • From the website, it looks like they don't have any available. But I think I'll call anyway. You know how people are about updating their pages. How cute is this? (thanks!)
  • People who dress their cats are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. You need a genetically engineered cat. Just like a regular cat, but it comes a gnawing suspicion in the back of your head that it will kill you while you sleep.
  • nunia, is that a cat or a little white bat in a sweater? to answer your question, it's really cute.
  • Oh, I wuvs 'em ooogly booogly biggsy ears! Yep, Alnedra's right. Most--nearly all--cats I am just fine with, but there's a few that trigger my allergies something fierce. So cats do range on the sneeze scale quite widely. Have you tried getting on any of the Yahoo lists for cats--Rex specifically perhaps, and seeing if there's a small breeder near you. Those list people will give you all the advise you never wanted to know. Also, check and see if there is a cat show near you. Might be a good way to contact local breeders.
  • A cat show is a great idea. I'll totally look into that.
  • Dang, glama! $4k for a kitten? I was prepared to pay about 6 hunnerd, but 4 grand is obscene. And I'll bet they have an unnatural shelf life.
  • Not to worry, I've seen cats that originally sold for $2500 end up in the pound--with their papers!
  • Get a dog. just kidding!
  • The Main Man is totally a cat person. I mean, strange cats literally walk up to him and talk to him. He has crazy kitty mojo. I kid you not.
  • Cats can tell who is allergic. They are little devils.
  • Get a liger.
  • Mr. meredithea is a total kitty charmer as well, and I should really get a kitty for him. My Steve the Dog has many fine kitty qualities (his new tag even says "A Former Cat"), but it's not quite the same. Which means to say, I have no good advice to give, but I hope you can find yourself a good kitty!
  • Ms. Helper is also very allergic to "regular" cats. We got two Cornish Rex kittens about five years ago. She still gets slightly stuffy-headed when they haven't been bathed in a while (yes, we bathe them; no, they really don't like it.) The two cats were about $500 each. The cost generally varies with "show qualities" and whether or not they're fixed. Catteries we looked into all had "pet quality" cats - those that didn't have the right looks/coat/ears/etc. to be potential show winners or breeders - for the $500-$800 range. Definitely worth it - Cornish Rex cats are extremely active and personable. It's like having (very dumb) dogs. The image of a typical cat lazing around just doesn't apply. Be sure you have a china hutch/cabinet into which you can put your breakables.
  • Yeah, I've heard that they're very dog-like. They play catch and follow you around. I have no problem bathing a cat. I bathe our guinea pigs, and let me tell you, that's not fun for either party.
  • Never met a cat that didn't like me. I claim to speak with my feline friends as well. I suppose I also possess the kitty mojo? I'm allergic to kitty saliva. The thousands of times that my baby (R.I.P. Jonsie) licked my hands or playfully bit, and left me painfully itchy for hours. I would also recommend picking a copy of Cat Fancy, or the like, as they are ripe with ads for breeders.
  • Breeders?