July 26, 2006

Burnin' Baby Burnin' They go whoosh!

The British and Italians have hot times too. Part of the Monkeyfilter Mode of Death series.

  • Be warned: photos of dead bodies of people who have suffered severe burns.
  • Dammit, howcum them guys get so lucky? I'd save my family the cost of a nursing home and a mortuary!
  • If only it was possible to initiate this phenomenon via mental powers alone! Ha ha! I'd rule the world!
  • Be warned: photos of dead bodies of people who have suffered severe burns LBB.
  • Sorry, I didn't think the fuzzy, unfocused, black and white photos that look like blobs of grey warrantted a warning.
  • Sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound so snarky, I always forget that others have a lower threshhold for such things.
  • Berek, you've been the cause of several cases right here with this damn post!!
  • Ew! He rebounds with an Angelfire img! It's war!
  • For whatever it's worth, if you look through the first couple of sites I linked to, there's some fun stuff there, like Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility.
  • Didn't Mythbusters prove that these results could be acheived with a slow, low-temperature burn, due to the wicking effect of fatty tissue and fabric? That episode put the whole mystery to rest in my mind, anyway.
  • In other words, these people probably fell asleep with cigarettes...
  • Alas, the links are toast.
  • There was an episode of Ripley's Believe It, Or Not that treated this. Man, that Jack Palance gave the child version of myself many nightmares.
  • I can't believe that creepy bastard is still alive. He gets creepier with age too. Man he made Ripley's super bizzaro, him and that weird film quality of late 70's television (see also "In Search Of," Nimoy was also kinda creepy in this show). He was always slithering around that dilapidated museum with all the stare-into-your-soul wax sculptures Why the hell would they play that show right before a kids bedtime. *brrrrrrrr* P.S. If this came out on DVD I would be completely pumped and snatch it right up. P.S.S. I would also make my daughter watch it. "Believe it or Not"
  • If this came out on DVD I would be completely pumped and snatch it right up. Me and you both. This series, along with my long and extremely ugly history of sleep disorders, made me fear the dark well into adulthood. Good times.
  • What happened to da burnin' monkey? Is da tracicle on da rampage agin'?
  • That has nothing to do with tracicle. Angelfire, Tripod, and other such sites routinely sneak in their own image to prevent you from linking.
  • D'oh!
  • In other words, Berek, you've been BURNED!!
  • OWWWW!!!! Will you kiss my boo boo and make it all better?
  • Let's burn Berek!
  • Berek, I have been advised that kisses are unsanitary. I can, however, put some NewSkin on it and allow you to watch television in the living room with your blankie and a squeeze packet of Capri Sun Tropical Punch. **hugs Oh, and I don't want to hear about it if you kids get nightmares from watching that crap, hear me?!?
  • When Ripley's was on TV, I was JUST old enough to have a wee crush on Mr. Palance. I mean, he had a SMOKING JACKET! And I was just a little unsophisticated country girl!