July 23, 2006

Pepto Bismol Ice Cream. Many of us have needed Pepto once or twice before, and we all love ice cream, but how can I create two great tastes that taste great together?
  • Is this anything like ExLax brownies? *crunches Flintstones vitamin*
  • What a way to cool down on a hot day! But will it affect Monkey poo-flinging? shitty post... Oh, nothing! You guys go ahead. I'll just shut this door here!
  • It's like cutting out the middleman! Pepto-Bismol always tasted like Canada Mints, anyway..
  • It's floor wax! It's dessert topping! food without danger is like sex with a condom Mind boggles.
  • Couldn't you just take wintergreen ice cream and make it pink? Do they make wintergreen ice cream?
  • Omfg I love it. -goes to make it-
  • Wow do I ever hate that 'congratulations you've been farked [google-magnet url' shit. Memo to the hive of scum and mediocrity at fark: the rest of the world has referrer logs, they'll know where the clicks are coming from. Don't be an attention craving child.
  • My only thought is that commercial from years ago: "You have reached the end of the Internet." This is the Himalayas of weird content for the day. I won't be making that ice cream, but I'll sleep soundly tonight in my newfound knowledge.
  • Unflavored for me!