June 28, 2006

Trailers of Historically Significant Films
  • How the hell is 48 Hours considered a "Historically Significant" film? It's OK, yes - but historically significant? Yer killin' me here. I'm not blaming you, Chy.
  • It's historically significant in that it was an Eddie Murphy film that didn't suck.
  • That 2001 trailer kills me. Thank you so much.
  • Yeah, and Ghostbusters.. and Animal House. And of course Back to School! The only major motion picture to feature Kurt Vonnegut (except for those based on his books).
  • I'm blaming you. Nice post though.
  • I tried "Alice's Restaurant" and "American Graffiti" and neither worked. I demand my money back.
  • I tried 1984 and Angels with Dirty Faces, and neither of those worked. :(
  • For the films that do not seem to work, click on it, arrive at the 404 page, then add ".asf" to the end of the link in the address bar. /webgeek
  • Wasn't Kurt Vonnegut in Back to School? I thought there was some joke where they got Vonnegut to write a paper on one of his books for Rodney Dangerfield's English class and he got a bad grade on it?