May 22, 2006 hosts videos from a variety of Finnish traditional (and not so traditional) folk groups, as well as from many other Northern European countries - over 400 videos in all. And if you like what you hear, several of the artists are sold (at least in the US) through North Side, Nordic roots music, where there are mp3s and more information on the performers. (via metafilter)

(Links that follow are mostly direct video links) Highlights from the metafilter thread include: (leek free) Loituma (YouTube - same as TVfolk, but larger), Hedningarna, and JPP, and two sweet acapella peformances by Aino Mäkelä (the first is a traditional hymn, the second a "new traditional" song of a girl singing to her dead mother - thanks to severiina on mefi). I've found I really like Värttinä as well, but I'm not so crazy about the choice at TVfolk - I prefer Hedningarna Grodan-Widergrenen (Toadeater). I may be pretty excited about Lordi right now, but I have a feeling this music is going to have a more permanant place in my playlists. (I was going to post more of my own selected highlights, but I actually don't know how the metafilter posters managed to get direct link URLs. If anyone has any technical suggestions, please feel free to email me.)

  • Värttinä totally rocks! Big fan long time. They have some videos on their site.
  • Oh, your Hedningarna link above is Värttinä's "Vot i kaalina". A good example of their speed singing.
  • I'm sorry - I was mixing those up. For one thing, I was looking for a Varttina link (I had been listening to some on mp3). The other link, which (as you say) is actually Varttina, I got straight from the metafilter thread.