May 19, 2006

Gorilla Gardening . . . err Guerilla Gardening even. HowTo (Daisy Duke is involved, lads), build a community, fix a bench (flash), or even learn a damned thing if you dare! Ooh! ooh! ooh! *dig* *plant* *slap chest*
  • Oh yays! *pulls out array of giant seeds* *makes way to the street* *tosses seeds too and fro* I did enjoy secretly planting pumpkins alongside my grandfather's garage as a youngster, much to his chagrin
  • I secretly strewed lupin seeds in parkland in a Canadian city where they're not native plants. Sort of an inverse Dennis Moore thing.
  • this is sweet. i've done this with icelandic poppies (very hardy and quite rampant once they take hold).
  • Lupins are used as nitrogen fixing animal feed in Canada, so I guess it's ok to randomly scatter their seeds. Generally introducing non-native plants could be a bad thing to do, and my be illegal. Be careful out there.
  • Indeed - my sister threatened to alert the local field naturalists society.
  • It'd be fun to plant stuff in a cemetary.
  • TUM: You are so morbid!
  • Like bodies? Or evidence?
  • Or all six of your feet?
  • My, but those jugs are huge!
  • Wonder if they're artificial.The plants I mean.
  • Speaking of cemetaries and planting stuff, I had a friend in high school that would pilfer soil from the graves of civil war soldiers (Confederates, as this was in North Carolina) to grow his own special weed. Claimed that he had some spiritual connection with them when he smoked it...
  • Oh, sure. SMT's friend smokes the bones of our fallen hereoes, and I'M morbid. *reapplies black lipstick*