May 19, 2006

AERIAL PHOTOS AND PICK-CHURS! If you guys haven't found it yet, those yahoos in Seattle have made a pretty impressive competitor to Google Earth: swing over Vegas, or drop in on Ground Zero; or better yet, go see a man about a brain at Wizard Island. The aerials and "bird's eye" views are nifty. WARNING: this site is a resource hog. Be ye warned!
  • I was quite surprised when I not only saw my parents' old house on the birds' eye view, but this view was complete with moving boxes, so we could determine the exact day that shot was taken. And, if I were so inclined, based on the shadows I could probably calculate within a few minutes of the exact time it was shot.
  • I wouldn't say I'm surprised, but it doesn't seem to work in Safari. I've noticed problems before on Windows Live with Firefox, although this one does seem to work at first glance.
  • Nice resolution, but I'm completely annoyed that you aren't allowed to "freehand" drag outside of any given thumbnail area for the bird's eye views.
  • Yeah, it appears that the bird's-eye views are likely oblique spalls of normal aerial photos.