May 16, 2006

Dangling over sheer cliffs on rope ladders, traditional Nepalese honey hunters harvest the sweet goo produced by Himalayan cliff bees.

All is not well in Himalayan beeland, though - modern, less respectful harvesting methods threaten the bee nests and the very cliffs, as the Apis laboriosa honey gains popularity as a key component in traditional medicines. ICIMOD (International Center for Integrated Mountain Development) oversees a Himalayan Honeybees project, encouraging the more traditional harvest techniques, and promoting eco-tourism. Note, however, that bee-watching is not for wimps. It seems the honey can't be bought in Europe. Please, bees, buzz on back here!

  • Honey in the rock I see Oh, how high the humblebee Soars toward its airy nest To do its api-very best
  • Interesting yet infuriating.
  • bees. we need you.
  • 1. Would have been nice if the article had included some PHOTOS (bigger than thumbnails), ferchrissake. 2. Come back soon, bees.
  • Mmmmmm, honey. Mmmmmmmissing Bees. *sad
  • beeeeeeeeeee yourself
  • sweet goo !
  • There's no such things as Himalayan Cliff Bees.
  • Venezuelan beaver bees?
  • o they do wicked things in Nepal which is why bees don't like them at all they steals all our honey to smear on their toast a feat that is shameful and not fit to boast though we stings them and stings and we firmly believes they are naught but a pack of vile thieves
  • Some may think it ornery To stoop low, and rob a bee Tho verily if done with care The bees will make more honey there A timeless dance that we have done For honey and our honey bun A bee survives the cold and heat On stores of such a human treat As ever gods could bring about For thine own selves would sing and shout So care bee taken, honey theives Our souls are nourished by these bees Your haste and wanton greed will cost More than stings, and honey lost
  • ))) are bests, pete!
  • Ah, Winnie Ther Pooh when Disney got through Mr. Ernest Shepherd couldn't recognize you
  • If only a human mob were as considerate - yet they both reach a critical mass... Still, it sounds like the bees give it more of a chance. Oh, wait, is that some kind of a pun: the Bees gives it one more chance?
  • just one more chance is an old bee dance keep the sun in the tail of your eye jig to and fro for a couple of hours when you're suggesting some far field of flowers that the rest of the hive should try