May 15, 2006

“I have a Lamborghini and I've got a big wall.” Richard Moriarty has a 1974 Lamborghini installed on his wall and we can see how it's done (see here).
  • Far be it from me to tell people make up for their shortcomings how to spend their incredible amounts of money.
  • The 58-year-old organized exotic parties in the 1980s, and more recently he planted a vineyard on his 3.5-acre estate and began bottling wines under such labels as “Wretched Excess” and “The Idle Rich.” Awww.
  • I wouldn't want the wall car and I wouldn't want the indoor shooting range (at all). But the 28 ft. interior waterfall would be very cool.
  • Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
  • Vertex..are you asking to see pictures? If so, you might want to check the link at the end of the FPP.
  • >.> Righto. =P
  • that's a rather ugly car. is it a countach? way to angular for my taste.
  • I've got a massive ego, and I have lots of money to massage it with. I've got lots of money, and I can't think of a single useful thing to do with it except celebrate conspicuous consumption in a way that is a slap in the face to all the people on this planet who don't have enought to eat.
  • "Nice moose head, but you should see what I've got. Shot that little bugger on the Ensenada freeway - roaring along at 160mph and *BANG*!! Never knew what hit 'im." (drinks wine - spits) "Dammit! This wine is neither idle or rich enough! But it damn sure is wretched! Have my vintner shot! Mount him on the wall!"
  • You'd think that someone this rich would have heard of this new thing they have called "art".
  • I think it's kind of cool - and a ratty older lambo sans engine probably isn't nearly as expensive as you think (and this particular one, if it's really a '74 (given the roof detail* it might be) has been modified with lots of tacky add-ons from later models - the huge wing and the fender flares - making it worth even less). It's really none of my business what people do with their money - and how do we know he hasn't given a ton to charity as well? *given the terrible rearward vision, the early 70's prototype had a prismatic mirror that was mounted on the headliner in front of the depression visible in some of the photos and would reflect down to give the driver a view out the back. It was deemed too expensive for production, but the roof designed for it lingered into the earlier production models.
  • I stuck an old pressure washer on my wall. Chicks totally dig it. Heh heh.
  • And I have a collection of used carburetors and catalytic converters on mine! It goes well with my wife's hubcap collection.
  • Is it just me, or do all of those photos look photoshopped? verrrrry suspicious.... I don't doubt that some ego-impaired person would want to do that, I'm just suspicious.