April 30, 2006

If more preachers were like this, I might go back to Church. OK, maybe not, but.. Flash video of a public access show, with an African American Preacher, with a 'different' kind of approach. The first part has annoying funk music in the back, but it clears up when he starts talking to the satanist phone-in caller. NSFW due to bad language. HAW HAW
  • /jaw drops
  • That is one bored ass, motherfu*#king camera operator.
  • I don't quite believe that foul-mouthed young man has ever been to a bible college.
  • What's that song? It's got a pretty good groove.
  • One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic. And the Lord said: "Let there be P-funk."
  • "Fuckin' nincom-fuckin-poop!" That's definitely going to make its way into my daily conversational habits.
  • Damn, if that's the kind of music they play in heaven then I need to accept Jesus Christ pronto.
  • annoying funk music in the back That's George Clinton and Ice Cube, one of my favorite songs. I oughta funk you up! *breaks bottle, waves it menacingly*
  • If more dealers were like this I might take less drugs. W00t. ^^