April 30, 2006

President Announces Tony Snow as Press Secretary

Tony Snow = FOX News. Discuss.

  • Snow job.
  • a further step in the murdochization of the united states. rupert wants it all, folks. he's no longer satisfied with the broadcast/delivery section of the news process; he wants to control creation, dissemination, and consumption.
  • Huh, and he worked in the White House under Bush Sr.
  • Fox News at eleven.
  • Clearly they wanted a press secretary who could handle the White House press corp now that the media has become more antagonistic toward the Adminstration (which they should have started doing a long time ago, of course). Snow seems like a pretty smart guy and I bet he'll be able to help close the wound a little, but at this there's too much shit that is catching up with Americans to the point Bush is going to keep on bleeding for the rest of his term.
  • Conservative pundit George Will says Tony Snow 'Won't Make a Particle of Difference'.
  • I've never listened to a single Scott McClellan press conference, since with this administration, given that the press conference has become entirely about the denial of information, listening to such a press conference has seemed pointless. As a result I have no opinion on Scott McClellan. It has been with some interest then that I have read all sorts of opinions by political commentators since his resignation was announced, describing McClellan in terms ranging wildly from 'hapless pathetic incompetent boob' to 'Machiavellian maestro who made Ari Fleischer look like amateur hour'.
  • Tar Baby Let the games begin! a.k.a. We Who Are About To Lie, Salute You
  • Strategic defeat? This is all kinds of defeat. Seriously. This is fucked up ten ways till Sunday.
  • Road Map to SUCK.
  • Hey, the road map! That was a good one! How's that going?
  • Hey, let's buy Tony Snow a copy of Carl von Clausewitz's classic, ON WAR, and help him understand the difference between "strategy" and "tactics". Tony's tap dancing today during the White House press briefing revealed a shallow political hack swimming in deep waters. When asked, "are we winning", poor Tony could not come up with a definition of victory. In fact, he responded rhetorically, "what is victory". Let's also remember that no one cares. Tony's Snow Job (as everyone here is no doubt already very aware) is simply to pound soundbites out there for Fox and Rush Limbaugh to pick up and spin so that the red state cattlemen and their obedient wives can stop teh ghey marriage and Support Our President. Logic is not key, for Tony Snow to be effective in his job. Nor is it even desirable necessarily. He can say that black is white and night is day and that's all A-OK with ShrubCo as long as nobody on CNN, NPR, ABC or wherever-the-hell makes a big stink about it. Has any of this ever made sense? Wasn't the creation and the propagation of the "WMD" meme in the face of an utter dearth of evidence itself proof that no one in the MSM cares enough to call them on their utter bullshit? Argh. *chews rocks*
  • Tony Snow has a growth in his abdomen. A conscience, perhaps? Seriously, hope he gets through it okay.
  • Cancer has spread to liver Just best wishes for recovery.
  • If I were him, I would most definitely get out of that high-stress job and count my blessings. Best wishes to him as well... Will not be an easy battle by any means.
  • Tony Snow's Greatest Hits As a Commentator for Fox News White House Press Secretary Announcing Tony Snow's resignation a few minutes ago, George W. Bush told the White House press corps that it's been "a joy to watch him spar with you." We'll agree with the president on that one. June 15, 2006: Asked if the White House has any comment on the 2,500th U.S. fatality in Iraq, Snow says: "It's a number, and every time there's one of these 500 benchmarks people want something." Sept. 9, 2006: Six days after the president says, "We will stay the course" in Iraq, Snow says, "The idea that somehow we're staying the course is just wrong. It is absolutely wrong." Dec. 6, 2006: Snow on how the president's claim that we're "winning" in Iraq is really the same as Defense Secretary Robert Gates' statement that we're not winning Iraq: Feb. 15, 2007: Snow on what went wrong in pre-war planning for Iraq: "I'm not sure anything went wrong." March 1, 2007: Snow responds to reports that two U.S. combat brigades will "surge" into Iraq without undergoing the usual counterinsurgency training in California's Mojave Desert first: "Well, but they can get desert training elsewhere, like in Iraq." March 19, 2007: Snow tells reporters that the Democrats plan for Iraq represents a "recipe for defeat." When CNN's Ed Henry ask Snow to describe the White House's "recipe for success," Snow asks Henry what his "recipe for success is." When Henry says that winning the war in Iraq isn't exactly in his job description, Snow tells him to "Zip it." June 14, 2007: Asked if any member of the Bush family is serving in the war on terrorism, Snow responds: "Yes, the president. The president is in the war every day." Reporter: "On the front lines, wherever?" Snow: "The president."
  • Up next, spokes-hottie, Dana Perino. Should be interesting- she's not nearly as confrontational as Snow and it's pretty obvious from her discomfort when she's lying. Though I find her easy on the eyes, there's something disconcerting about having an attractive woman, who I want to believe, spewing utter rubbish, as her job description calls for her to do. I think her pleasant manner and appearance also causes the press corps go a little easier on her than they should, though let's hope they get over that as she now assumes the "top dog" position.
  • "It had to do with Cuba and missiles, I'm pretty sure." That didn't work in high school, either. Ha ha, you're we're so fucked..!
  • Oh, but as long as she's a loyal Bushie and a God-fearing Christian with a good heart, it'll all be OK, won't it?
  • *cries. a lot.*
  • If only I were a member of the White House Press Corps, my next questions would be: "Dana... - If you've got the time, we've got the ... what? - Jojo left his home in Tuscon, Arizona for : - WIN buttons meant "whip _______ now" - Is "the magic bullet: a. a shooter served at TGI Fridays b. a Steve McQueen (I know, you've never heard of him) movie c. the bullet that allegedly killed a president and injured another man. - Was the Iron Curtain actually made of iron? - Was the Tet Offensive a good thing or a bad thing?
  • I never found King Tet offensive. His gold funeral mask was really pretty. And by all accounts he was buried in his jammies.